"One step, one step."

So, this is a phrase I often say. I use it as a reminder that we will move forward, heal, achieve our goals one step, one moment at a time. If we feel or see ourselves slip back....we reset. We move forward again one step, one step.

Wellness has always been a focus in my life's work. My expertise has allowed me to work with individuals from the African Diaspora, immigrant communities, various cultures, military and those diagnosed with chronic illness. I use a holistic approach, integrating modalities such as a Client-Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused and Mindfulness to achieve your goals and build an empowered, stronger and healthier sense of self. I believe that collaborating with you as an individual, learning your strengths, challenges, and identifying key coping skills together we move towards your best strategies for wellness.

If you are feeling worried, depressed, scared, anxious, overwhelmed by circumstances in your daily life or new to therapy we can work together to find that balance you need.

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