Navigating through this life can become difficult and because we are human, we are vulnerable and face challenges. As a licensed therapist, I have successfully aided clients in managing difficulties utilizing evidenced-based practices, implementing a holistic approach, while analyzing the big picture. My experience working in various levels of care and with different populations has afforded me a wealth of training in areas such as depression, anxiety, severe mental illness, trauma, substance abuse, social adaptability, dual diagnosis, gambling, and a variety of other life altering deficiencies. I care a great deal about my clients, and this is where my work ethic means the most. People care about how deeply you care, and conveying this means the world to me and my clients. By utilizing my knowledge and resources within the industry, I have assisted my clients in realizing their full-potential, identifying their strengths and resilience, and learning problem-solving strategies, which generally lead to positive outcomes.

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