Welcome to RDUSexology, a place for you to begin your Sexual/Sensual healing & Awakening journey. Freeing your whole being, mind, body and soul. My work centers women’s health and sexuality, with an affinity for women who identify as Black and other women of color. I work with couples & individuals; newly single, in a long term partnership, recently got into a relationship or engaged/married.

On this journey, you will discover that sex is more than what you do or don't do with your genitals, it's about pleasure and BEING. Connecting with your sexuality guides you into learning your body, trusting your desires, your voice and expression and begin asking for what you desire in ALL areas of your life. Your relationship/s will be liberated, enjoyable and full of love. You are your own healer and have the answers you are seeking within in. I guide and hold space for you to emerge again.

During our time together I will create space for you to begin healing any guilt and shame you may have picked up along the way so you can be the most liberated version of yourself. We will explore the legacy of culture, racism, sexism, colorism and any other -ism’s, and how they have shaped who you are today and your sex life. Think about this question love, If no one was judging/looking who would you be, how would you act? I look forward to hearing from you, book a complimentary 15 minute discovery call.

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