Grace, authenticity, curiosity, and connection are my core values as a therapist. I believe grace is kindness. As a therapist, I build from the ground up and believe that the relationship with self is the most important one. Relationship with self often reflects in our relationship with others and our environment. While working together I strive to anchor grace so that it may reflect accordingly in session, throughout your life, and, as you learn to co-regulate and tend to yourself.

Clients who work well with me suffer from anxiety and depression. These are often disorders rooted in a disrupted relationship with self. They often manifest in various aspects of your life creating mass uproar. I am inquisitive about your unique experience, especially your internalized messages. I am committed to centering your identity within the context of your environment and daily habits. We will take inventory on how these components impact your mental, physical and spiritual well being, allowing for a more holistic approach.

My approach is radical. I build a trusting relationship through playful interaction and authentic connection. I practice with an anti-colonial lens in which I am open to all backgrounds and do not seek to dominate. I will do my best to stay aware of how colonialism impacts you as an individual whether it is beneficial or detrimental. I resonate with an indigenous worldview in that everything connects and our environment is to be appreciated and respected. It is through this radical approach that I hope you find healing.

Formal therapeutic modalities I use are often integrative of a few evidence-based practices. I engage in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I also practice with somatic modalities such as breathwork, guided meditation, and visualization.

My ideal client is 1. Committed to the healing process, 2. Open to exploring deeply, and 3. Excited to grow in their personal truth.

Practice Details