Are you experiencing discomfort in your life? Most people experience this many times throughout life. For some individuals discomfort becomes a barrier in your daily life. When this happens symptoms like not being able to sleep, feeling overwhelmed, low energy, lack of motivation and sadness develop. This can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as addiction, procrastination and self-destruction.

In addition to current life experiences some individuals have traumas from childhood. If unaddressed, these traumas can cause individuals to feel like they are not progressing in life and sometimes feel out of control. This can cause stress in your life that impacts other areas such as romantic relationships, plutonic relationships and work relationships.

Here at Balance Beacon we have licensed professionals that can assist, guide and help you through your journey. A few of our specialties include addiction (individuals and family members), sexual and LGBT+ related issues, neurodivergence, codependency, boundaries, and diagnostic testing.

We understand that taking the first step to therapy is a difficult decision to make. Our mission is to help you rebuild and find ways of being your very best self, living the joyful and successful life you deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about Balance Beacon and what we offer visit our website at www.balancebeacon.com

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