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Trauma and pain from past and present experiences can stop your life in its tracks, leaving you stuck in the same patterns, of thinking, feeling and behaving that eventually lead to building a life that is less than what you've hoped for. But with a little help, you can pause, learn tools, gain insights and figure out where and how to change your life's direction. You are not responsible for everything that has happened to you AND you are responsible for making meaning from the life you are living. How you do this depends on whom you believe yourself to be. Our work will help you to heal YOU.

I use gold standard trauma treatments that include EMDR, cognitive and exposure based therapies, including mindfulness approaches. My work includes: trauma survivors, PTSD, depression, anxiety, serious mental illness, substance use and general/social stressors. My clients include : African Americans, and BIPOC individuals. therapists, all genders, LGBTQ+, and veterans.

You've done the best you can with what you have and yet you know there is more, that YOU are more. Your journey is your own, even its most difficult parts. I can help you learn to integrate those parts of your story that cause you pain, that are hard to find words for and that have grown into barriers, so you can find the "you" you've been looking for.

As an out of network provider, we do provide Superbills for submission to insurance companies. Most insurance benefits will reimburse from 40-100% of out of network costs.

Visit us at: www.atlantatraumatherapy.com

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In the Fall, we will be launching a group designed to support Black Women Entrepreneurs/business owners.