At one point or another we all experience issues with sex. Whether that is do, to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Work stress, life stress, relationship stress or just the stress that comes with being a Black woman trying to take ownership of her pleasure while trying to navigate the world. I get it! The world does not allow for pleasure so we must take it every chance we get. Melanin Sex Therapy is a place where you can learn how to honor and explore your pleasure not just sexually but mentally as well. If you are in a relationship and the sex isn't hittn like it used to be. Sex therapy can help you and your partner learn new and effective ways to communicate your wants and needs without shame. If you are single and sex isn't nittin like it used to, you are in a new phase of your life or just trying to navigate how you can become the sexy badass queen that you know you already are. Melanin Sex Therapy can help you learn how to write your sexual narrative to a pleasure centered, empowered, fun place. You know that you have been thinking about doing something about your sex life but, you just aren't sure where to start. Reach out to me today to schedule an appointment and get yourself on the to sexual pleasure and fulfillment. You deserve great sex!

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