I know first-hand of the power of being seen - in a multitude of identities and an array of contexts. Black femmes (both cis- and socialized as such) carry the weight of the world, of our lineages, and of our communities on our shoulders. And we can often feel lonely, exhausted, guilty, or shameful for what we're not doing or who we have yet to become.

With this level of pressure and intergenerational trauma alive and well in our bodies, we often have little capacity to discover who we are, to dream of what we want, to affirm what we're no longer willing to accept, or to create the lives we want-- unless we become deeply invested in our healing and in our self-love journeys.

The pressures of the world may not let up, but our joy and wellness remain acts of resistance.

My approaches are unconventional, eclectic, and unique. I infuse psychological theories with stories, metaphors, your natal chart placements, tarot, reiki, and sex-positivity. As an LGBQ+ affirming human that celebrates all on the spectrum of gender diversity, I believe we heal while in community.

If my style is resonating with you, fill out an intake form on my website, and I'll connect with you soon regarding availability. I'm looking forward to e-meeting you. 🙂

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