Authentic Resilience Counseling & Consulting, LLC (ARCC) is a concierge full-service mental health and wellbeing practice. Servicing the state of Maryland through Telehealth – secure video and voice chatting software, it allows you to begin the journey inward in the driver seat with our seasoned clinician as your tour guide and co-pilot as you navigate towards healing.

At ARCC, we are certain that if we each embark on our own journey inward, we will discover the answers we need. Or are you interested in seeking therapy services, but come from a culture where therapy may be taboo? At ARCC, we will work with you as you dispel stigmas and choose a new journey. We believe in therapeutic partnership and alliance; a space created for YOU to have the autonomy to curate your journey, the turns it takes, the speed at which we go, and when it is time for a rest break.

ARCC was created for people who are looking for support, treatment and resources around life adjustment, transitions, depression, anxiety and self-esteem. Our niche includes supporting multi-cultural individuals and/or expats. We accept the insurances listed below, as well as private pay (out-of-pocket).

Explore the website to learn more: https://authenticresilience.co/

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