Are you a millennial woman seeking a safe space where you can safely work through and recover from the negative impacts of anxiety, depression, or trauma?

Do you need help juggling the demands of your career, romantic relationship, and family?

Does your daily life leave you empty, stressed, highly emotional, or burned out?

Have you been having difficulty managing your health and happiness?

I have been there, and that is why I created Asili Wellness. I understand our plight as Women of Color in this country and our need to be supported in thought, feeling, and being. We want to be healthy. We want to care for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to shift from surviving to thriving!

At Asili Wellness, we can celebrate who we are and experience holistic therapeutic services that enhance, transform, and nourish our well-being. Asili Wellness is a health and wellness space created for us to nurture our mental, physical, and spiritual health naturally.

I am a clinical psychologist + yoga therapist who provides comprehensive and integrative approaches so that we can flourish in mind, body, and spirit. I offer yoga, therapy (Yoga + Talk, individual and couples), coaching, retreats, and sustainable products to rejuvenate health and wellness.

We can make changes to cultivate peace in your life and prosper! I would love to walk alongside you in creating your happiness and enhancing your ability to promote health, prevent disease, encourage self-care, and foster healing.

Let's work together in filling your cup as you pour into others! Contact me today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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6-Day Nourish + Nurture Retreat for Women of Color in Mexico, June 4-9, 2023

Imagine a healing space created for you.

An oasis where we celebrate our sisterhood, engage in self-care and deepen our mindfulness practice.

Yoga. Healthy Food. Eco-Adventures. Community.

Improve your health, take the time to relax, and unleash your creativity. Practice yoga, swim, surf, and engage in wellness activities in a relaxed environment for healing and learning.

Swim, float, sunbathe by the pool, or relax in hammocks strung beneath palm trees. Allow the lush green canopy, clear blue sky, and fresh ocean air to cleanse your mind and body.

We see, feel, hear, and understand you. We invite you to set your intentions and join us in cultivating a positive approach to living.

Limited slots are available. Learn more at asiliwellness.com/retreats