Hey Lady,

Let me ask you a small, but important question.

Who Are YOU?

No, not as a parent, spouse, employee or employer, a daughter, sister or friend?
Who are you as an individual?
Do you feel you truly understand and honor yourself?

If you struggle with waking up each day because you are weighed down by the expectations and needs of others, let's work together to unburden your system.

I operate from a powerful framework where together, we
1. Examine and Dismantle mindsets that harm you,
2. Learn to listen to and honor your body
3. Develop new ways of being with yourself and others.

This work is geared towards decolonizing and rebuilding our faith, our view of love and how we see ourselves and the world.

This process has some lows, but the highs on the other side of self-exploration and healing are so worthwhile.

In therapy, and subsequently, in coaching, we address your goals, the barriers to reaching them, how trauma plays a role, and how to heal each part of you.

Let's work together to figure out who you are #WHOAREYOU.
Your personal DAWN awaits. ☀️

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Therapeutic Coaching is available to explore narratives, regulate our emotions and create solutions that empower us.