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"You're strong," they say. "You're a black woman you can handle it". So, despite feeling tired, drained, and a little low, you take it on. Piling that new duty on your shoulders with the rest. Could this be another baggage? It's fine, add them to the stack. Nevertheless, you got this....right? Sis, just because you can "handle" something, doesn't mean you should. You are working diligently, pouring into your family, partner, and job in what could be one of the most troubling times. Trying to remain a consistent positive figure in times of confusion and fear, even when you experience similar concerns. As you instinctively pour into others, don't forget yourself and your needs.

Let's get real, don't forget your heal.

It is ok to not be okay. It is okay to seek help, "every Queen has a team". Let me embark on this mission with you. I specialize in developing a nonjudgemental understanding of your current path, as I guide you on finding alternative ways to steer toward a brighter future. Whether you find yourself in a dead-end or a detour, I take pride in creating individualized care, which will uncover optimal solutions within your journey. I work with brave women of all ages with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, trauma, co-occurring disorders, co-dependency, chronic relapse, family, and self-esteem issues.

I am offering immediate openings for teletherapy and would be honored to support you during this time of uncertainty. Invest in a brighter future and contact me today for a FREE 15-minute consultation. YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD. I look forward to being a part of your healing!

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