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I help girls and women in various stages and ages "do the dance" of balancing self care, life transitions, and goal achievement. I help you assess, address and treat potential barriers relating to mental/emotional health, imposter syndrome, self-esteem challenges, ADHD, and substance use issues.

My approach to therapy involves seeing YOU as the unique being you are. During our intial time together this will include discussion around your culture, upbringing, and experiences that help shape your reality.

Although I enjoy talking and being a listening ear, I believe for true growth to occur, the root of the barrier to your personal growth must be addressed. This helps me, to help you, help yourself to move from seeking to pursing and living out the change you desire.

Some issues I help you address are work-life balance, imposter syndrome, address trauma, finding healthier ways to cope with thoughts/feelings, and navigate life transitions. If you find yourself using drugs/alcohol, or engaging in other activities that negatively impact the things you value, I help you address the "why" ,provide tools to help you move forward, and provide a safe space for accountability and continued self exploration.

As a Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Specialist with specialized training in Trauma Focused CBT and Family Centered Treatment, I am equipped to support individuals, and families in a holistic way. After years of diagnosing and treating adults and youth living with ADD/ADHD as a licensed professional, I am pending certification as a Certified ADHD Professional.

Setting a goal is the first step in making the invisible visible. My goal as your therapist is to meet you where you are in your journey, provide support, a safe space, and a plan on how I can help you help yourself find light when you are in a dark or shady place. If you are ready to take that step, please reach out. I am ready to work with you.

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