Welcome! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. I have over a decade of clinical mental health experience. My practice focuses on the treatment of those who identify as BIPOC & are experiencing challenges with relationship dynamics, self-esteem/personal growth, life transitions, stress, and job related stress (not limited to). My practice also focuses on treating mental health in athletes & the perinatal mental health community.

I recognize how difficult it is to make the first step to committing to therapy. It is my goal to help you feel safe, heard, and supported in our sessions. We will begin by engaging in the rapport-building process, to build trust, and discuss your history, current challenges, and therapeutic goals. My therapy style is relaxed and conversational. As we continue through further sessions, my hope is that you develop the trust you need to begin to explore and process troubling thoughts, situations, stressors, or behaviors. You will be able to successfully apply coping strategies and tools that you have learned from this therapeutic process to your everyday life. I utilize a psychodynamic approach, as I believe our interactions and actions stem from unconscious, unresolved behaviors and emotions. I use other interventions, such as motivational interviewing, ACT, solution-focused therapy, CBT, and interpersonal therapy. Therapy sessions are client-centered and typically unstructured.

I know how important it is feel supported, validated, and heard - especially as a person of color. I am also aware of the intergenerational traumas and current socioeconomic dynamics that contribute to mental health in the BIPOC community. Therefore, it is imperative that I approach therapy from a trauma informed, strengths- based lens. You don’t have to do this alone. Together, we will lead you to your path of healing! I look forward to working with you!

*I offer a 15 minute free consultation

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