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My initial interest into therapy was sparked by a single class during my sophomore year of undergrad at South Carolina State University, Abnormal Psychology. It was during that class where I was introduced to a world outside of the therapy that I witnessed in the media or my personal life. It was in that class that I discovered that therapy could be...should be life changing. A few years later, as I was earning my masters degree in Counseling at Saybrook University, I found a quote that completely captured the reason that I became a therapist. “Be the person you needed when you were younger”. I was introduced to pain at an early age and did not attempt to heal in the most positive way. Now it is my deepest desire to assist others that are healing themselves in the most compassionate way possible by providing a space for unbiased, non-judgemental transparency. I want to see you and apply that line of sight to assist you in being the best version of yourself.
Hello, my name is Ashley Nash and I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate.
I enjoy working with teens, young adults, and adults in individual and small group settings. At any stage of our lives we can begin to question our identities and how they fit into the rest of the world while remaining true to ourselves. I believe that change is one of the only constant things in the world and I have a desire for assisting others during their changing seasons.
I believe that creativity is an important aspect of the therapeutic process. While I am trained in talk therapy, I enjoy using art therapy and music therapy as well. I am a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and a published novelist. I am aware of the negative stigma that mental health can have amongst varying populations and I enjoy finding ways to break that stigma and engage more people into mental health. It is my, maybe biased, opinion that managing your mental health is necessary for managing your health in an overall sense. Your wellbeing is important to me.
I am originally from South Carolina and lived there for 21 years before moving to California and then North Carolina. I am currently working towards my PhD in Counselor Education at North Carolina State University. My research interests are transgenerational trauma, more specifically how transgenerational trauma impacts Black women; working with connecting minority populations to mental health resources; gendered racism; and economic inequalities.
It is my belief that everyone deserves a chance to know their true selves and I would love the opportunity to partner with you in your journey. I am available for morning, afternoon, and evening Monday-Friday as well as afternoon Saturday appointments. Call Mathews Counseling today at (919) 587-8018 or book an appointment with me online at mathewscounseling.net and let’s get started.

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