Surviving in today's world is no easy task. There are constant pressures to be a great partner, parent, friend and employee. These dueling pressures can be extremely overwhelming. With over 42 million Americans living with anxiety and over 16 million living with depression, know that you are not alone. Seeking help is your first step toward victory. Our feelings become less overwhelming, less upsetting and scary when we seek support in working through them. Therapy is meant to help you gain a more purposeful and balanced life, while gaining the skills to overcome barriers in the way of your success.
My fourteen years' experience in the Mental Health Industry includes working with adults in acute care. I offer therapy to individuals who are managing the court system and community re-entry. I also offer years of therapy experience with children and families addressing behavioral concerns, trauma, depression, anxiety and interpersonal conflict.
Together, we will work as a team to achieve your goals of resilience, health, and wellness. Your pathway to success will include support, accountability, and strategic partnerships. I look forward to our time together, which guarantees to be productive, results-focused, action-oriented, spiritually integrative, and multiculturally sensitive.

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