Ashley M. Lagrange is a Non-binary, Fat, Black, Dominican-American Femme therapist with a passion for helping folks develop and navigate Liberatory practices. They have worked with adults and teens who seek a space to explore their identities and impact on the world at large. Ashley is passionate about the collective Liberation of all LGBTQIA+ identifying folks through the power of radical vulnerability, self-reflection, and community connection. They seek to guide folks through their emotional processing through a collective lens that honors individual experience.

Through writing and collage art, Ashley brings their personal interests within the space to help clients develop or evolve their tools for communication. They are committed to providing community centered, trauma informed care with an emphasis on harm reduction, for QTBIPoC folks working through cycle breaking, identity development, or the processing of past events. Ashley has worked with folks on topics of political consciousness, gender identity, grief, attachment, sex/uality and more.

Having an anti-oppressive, anti-colonial approach, and experience in Grassroots Mental Health organizing and training in somatic approaches to processing such as EMDR and Brainspotting, Ashley utilizes their academic and lived experiences, political education, and therapeutic orientations to collaborate with clients. The intention is always in making a space where clients can be their most authentic selves. In this space, there is a compassionate yet challenging process of planting the seeds that will blossom in the clients day to day life, through their interpersonal connections and self actualization.

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