Houston, Texas 77092, United States


You may carry multiple difficult events from your past with you every day, knowing they affect you but not fully understanding how to heal. The search for a therapist can be daunting. Your previous experiences with mental health professionals may have left you feeling unseen or unsupported; you may wonder if you are beyond help. As your therapist, I will build a healing relationship with you that gives space for vulnerability and curiosity.

Through my 10 years of providing psychological services, I have developed specializations in complex trauma, grief, attachment, and multicultural identities. I place a high priority on understanding you from a comprehensive perspective, emphasizing how your presenting concerns impact your different life roles and how past events affect you now.

I believe that wellness is a journey, and I am looking forward to being a partner in your growth. Therapy is social justice work, and I cannot wait to begin that work with you. I offer flexible teletherapy appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Sliding scale fee may apply and may be determined during the initial consultation.

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