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Are you pregnant or gave birth in the past year and not feeling like yourself? You wake up each day and it takes all the effort in the world to get out of bed. You’re irritable, angry and mean almost all the time. You pretend to be happy when people congratulate you on your pregnancy or your new bundle of joy. You miss your old life, old body and less responsibilities. You think you’re not a good mom or fear how you’re going to care for your baby when you can barely care for yourself. Everyone around you is smiling and stating how happy they are for you, however, happiness is an emotion you have not felt in a long time.

You want to enjoy your pregnancy and your life with your new baby. You want to be a great mom. You want to be happy. You want to stop fighting with your partner and being so irritable. You want to enjoy your new life.

Together we can accomplish your goals. I provide therapy virtually or online so that you don’t have to worry about getting dressed, packing up the baby or going anywhere. I will meet with you in the comfort of your own home using whatever technology you already have on hand. In addition to being a therapist, I am a certified yoga instructor and will provide guidance about moving and sitting mediations that can be used as a very helpful coping skill. Head over to my website to schedule a 15 minute consultation call today!

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