You are not positive when it happened, but all of a sudden you do not recognize the person you see in the mirror. It is overwhelming and heart breaking to think that you are unsure on how to get back to that person. Maybe it started after something terrifying happened in your life or maybe you realize that you have been living in autopilot.

Either way, there is a disconnect between you and your body that can no longer be ignored. You've been navigating life by trying to push down these thoughts and difficult emotions, but you want so much more for yourself, and you deserve that.

I make it a priority to make my clients feel seen and supported by creating a safe space. My approach to therapy involves focusing on not only the individual, but their environment, and other outside influences that may be impacting their behaviors and thought processes.

In sessions, I like to also incorporate other therapeutic interventions through art, music, mindfulness, and body scans. I believe that therapy can be a source of healing, if you are open to let it be.

Clients who work with me appreciate my holistic approach and helping them feel seen and heard in a world that can be so isolating.

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