I bring a sense of serenity, passion, connection, and discernment to my work with clients. My goal is to empower and encourage healing and recovery, by helping to restore what was lost and to gain something new. I'm driven by my creative yet artistic lens, that gives way to discovery, self-awareness and enlightenment. I work closely with my clients to assist in transforming their lives and guiding them to greater mental, emotional and spiritual renewal.

My zeal and commitment to helping others heal through experiential and restorative engagement, has given way to my extensive experience working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Varying skill and vast knowledge within addictive populations, unhealthy relational dynamics and identity diffusion. I've worked with children, adolescents, and adults having had the chance to significantly develop my clinical capabilities, creative yet artistic abilities, alongside great leadership skills. I strive to help women through daily life transitions within and outside of the workforce as well as promoting healthy sustaining connections with oneself and community. My intentional commitment to those who are suffering and wavering in their decision to stop prolong use of substances, is where my compassion and empathy is both warm and challenging to help create healthier thriving people.

Areas of Specialty:
Addictive Issues
Women's Issues
Relational Conflict
Grief & Loss
Experiential Therapy
Sexual Trauma

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy License #132570

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