Brooklyn, New York 11226, United States


** Potential individual clients will have the opportunity to work with me at a rate of $35 per session. This rate is available for individual clients that can commit to at least 10 weekly therapy sessions. I provide only individual counseling at this time. **

As your therapist I will strive to help you improve the quality of your life by creating an empowering and judgment-free space. Each session you will have my undivided attention and an unbiased perspective ready to closely work with you so you are heard and understood.

I understand that each person’s process looks different and I am here to help you find clarity, strength, and strategies to overcome challenging times. My approach is integrated to effectively address your particular needs. Don't let your previous suffering or current conflict discourage you; I'm here to help you start the healing process.

It is a big moment when you are able to accept positive support by pursuing therapy. It is my passion to help you improve your wellbeing no matter where your starting point is. I commend you for being open to this process and for allowing me to be a part of it. This is an important first step in the direction of resolving issues and healing.

I am a Graduate Student Level Therapist.


You can inquire to work with me, Ashley at: WellnessTeam(at)BreakthroughSolutions.com

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