Asha’s passion for counseling first began with her own battle with depression and anxiety. Her personal experience with therapy opened her eyes to how self-care and self-accountability can lead one closer to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Asha believes that counseling is most effective with an engaging therapeutic relationship as well as when clients are open and willing to put the work in towards improving and correcting counterproductive thoughts, behaviors and relationships. Life is not always easy and even with counseling, difficult days will inevitably occur. Asha prides herself in promoting how adopting effective coping skills in one’s daily life can make challenging days easier to conquer. Asha believes that embracing weaknesses and insecurities is key towards breaking self-deprecating thoughts and inviting more room for positivity and confidence throughout everyday life. Asha takes special interest in improving self-esteem, stress management, thought management and interpersonal relationships to enhance mental health and overall wellness. Asha specializes in person-centered therapy which she believes allows clients to overall work towards realizing and or taking back their power within their life.

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