Hi, I'm Asha! I am currently at capacity but welcome new clients to join the waitlist. Please email hello@ashakay.com if would like to join the waitlist.

Do you feel like the following describes you?
- Minimizing and/or ignoring your feelings
- Perfectionism
- People pleasing
- Anxiously attached connections and relationships
- Low self-worth
- Low confidence
- Needing external sources of validation

This happens when children do not get their emotional needs met by their parents/caregivers. Emotional childhood neglect is the absence of an appropriate emotional response and it shapes your thoughts about yourself and how you connect to others.

As thoughts lead to feelings and feelings to behaviors, I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Self-Compassion Therapy, and mindfulness with my clients. My goal for you is to restructure your thoughts, learn supportive thought patterns, and create positive coping strategies. We will work through each area in which you want to improve. This will allow you to gain resilience so your value and worth can come from within you.

I firmly believe that we are all capable of change. There is no time limit or cap on becoming the version of ourselves that we are proud of. We are a constant work in progress. I am a big fan of remembering that how people treat you is more a reflection of them than it is of you.

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