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At times we may feel that there’s no one that can understand us or fear not looking like the “strong” friend. We struggle to talk about our emotions and often wear masks out of the belief that nothing will change.

Are you a teenager that struggles to communicate with parents and feels like a burden? A teen that keeps your feelings locked inside?
Are you a person having a difficult time showing yourself and your body love and compassion? Have you struggled with disordered eating? Are you looking to develop further clarity into your sexual orientation and/or gender? How about difficultly managing attachment and confusion about your adoption or possibly having a family that looks different from you?

Are you a family that has been struggling to communicate and view the perspectives of the other members? A parent that needs assistance with relating and understanding their child? A family struggling with how to support building up their child’s self esteem? A family wanting to work to build more compassion, knowledge and understanding around your child’s sexual orientation and gender?

Are you a couple that’s are struggling with the increase in time spent due to COVID? Or issues in communication, trust, intimacy and validation? Do you need support in figuring out the future of your relationship or how to peacefully end the relationship for the interest of children?

Whether, you have a small circle of friends/no friends, or dealing with transitional changes in life, depression, loneliness, or even really crappy Tinder dates. You deserve to invest in your self-care and carve out time to increase your insight and solely focus on you and your current needs at that moment.

If any of this speaks to you I encourage you to take the leap, even if you’re scared we can do this together!

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