Do other people label you as overly sensitive, emotional, or crazy? Have you attempted to express yourself to loved ones but continuously hold back your feelings until they unravel publicly or privately? It seems difficult to be vulnerable when you feel a lack of support. If you are seeking a perspective shift that will increase your ability to accept rejection, be confident with your needs, and no longer want to feel alienated, I am your person. I strive to assist women in navigating feelings of misunderstanding, criticism, and fear that we all know to be challenging and complicated. If your emotions lead you to feel disconnecting with your partner, children, coworkers, or having issues maintaining friendships, you are not alone.

My mission is to assist women on their journey to create meaningful connections with themselves and others. I look into your needs to determine which methods (such as Emotional Intelligence Skills, CBT, and ACT) address your personal goals. If you feel open to it, I would like to partner with you in elevating your journey to become a better version of you.

Examples of obstacles:
Naming emotions, Communicating needs and desires, Increasing self-awareness, Building social connection, Setting and maintaining boundaries, Managing transitions (moving, break-ups, career changes, etc.), Leadership qualities, Navigating societal pressures.

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