*Accepting THREE new Clients* Many of the roles you carry in your life don't allow you to admit that your emotions are spiraling. As an entrepreneur/intrapreneur you may hide certain feelings of shame, hopelessness, and disappointment. An unreasonable expectation for someone with a plate so large. You find that your emotions lead you to lack of motivation, stagnation, and self doubt. I strive to assist adults (18+) navigate the rollercoaster emotions of entrepreneurship and address what the public does not see. Your emotions may lead you to feel disconnected from your career, parents, partner, children, or friendships. You may feel a lack of support right now, and that's okay. You are not alone. If you feel open to it, I would like to partner with you on your journey to becoming the best version of you.

If you are yearning to learn tools to develop emotional strength, adaptability, and communication skills, you's on the right track. I assist you with being confident with your needs, navigating rejection, and coping with unexpected change. My mission is to assist you in exploring your life deeper to create meaningful connections.

Together we will work towards managing emotions, practicing vulnerability, increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, identifying needs, and ultimately showing up for yourself. If you feel open to it, I would like to provide a safe space for you to explore your values and beliefs that connect you back to your inner joy.

Examples of obstacles:
Naming emotions, Communicating needs and desires, Increasing self-awareness, Building social connection, Setting and maintaining boundaries, Managing transitions (moving, break-ups, career changes, etc.), Leadership qualities, Navigating societal pressures.



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