Are you feeling overwhelmed across different areas of your life? Does it feel like the smallest things are strongly affecting you? Are you noticing patterns when it comes to relationships that are negatively impacting you? Are experiences from your past negatively influencing your present and potential future? Is talking to your friends and family no longer helpful? Good news, you’re not alone in these feelings! Many people experience this cycle of emotional, mental and even physical exhaustion. More good news, you don’t have to stay in it or battle it alone!
I am equipped in working with multiple forms of trauma, including sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, life transition, self esteem issues and relationship distress. I also specialize in working with Black and People of Color (POC) on various topics that greatly affect these communities. I provide both individual and couples counseling.
Through an eclectic therapeutic approach, I work with clients to uproot the different negative trees that have taken root in their world and to begin living a more healthy and authentic life. You have already taken a huge step on your healing journey. Together, the life you desire and deserve can become your reality!

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