Hello! I am April, also known as the Pineapple Lady. From time to time, you may hear me say Make Room for Your Crown. I believe that individuals are all intrinsically creative, and through varying art experiences, one can deepen their understanding of choices, challenges, and capabilities without judgment. I am trained to integrate psychotherapy with art-making and/or evidence-based practices such as (EFT, SFBT, Jungian, & Motivational Interviewing). If words alone cannot fully capture what you are experiencing, I offer art therapy as a tool for greater awareness.

Though versed in various therapies, my core practice is rooted in truth telling, narrative change, racial healing, and transformation. Over the past 7 years, I have been fortunate to build a diverse and adaptable skill set. My most recent work involved helping manage challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief, negative self image, and substance use.

Uniquely centering you, I will remain curious, engaged, and committed to providing a safe experience for you to thrive. Let's expand your creativity and power through your truth while honoring all parts of yourself. You've made the first step. Schedule a FREE consultation and Make Room for Your Crown! Online sessions are available.

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