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Girl, are you tired of all the BS?! Your job, relationship, and family are working your last nerve. Everyone just takes and takes, but what about you? If only you knew how to say "No", without feeling guilty about it. Don't you deserve to go home and have a little peace? You want to standup for yourself, but you fear being labeled the "Angry Black Woman". You are tired of being overlooked in the workplace or having to bite your tongue to appease everybody else. You often feel powerless, stressed, and anxious. After work, you have a glass of wine just to relax. On top of that, you recently loss your baby. Everyone expects you to move on, "It was early they say, or God will bless you with another one". What they don't realize is that your world has stopped, while their lives keep going... You know you can't keep going on like this, so you decide to look into therapy.

You often imagine what life would be like without all of these problems. A life where you create and set bad a$@ boundaries. Having the courage to say "No" without the guilty conscience. Being able to make choices that you feel good about and using your voice fearlessly. Experiencing healing from your past and feeling empowered to live your life to the fullest. Learning how to cope with stress and anxiety so that you can also have more peace of mind and happiness. Guess, what? You deserve it!

Completely online for the busiest work and life schedules. Late evening appointments are available for your convenience. I am so glad you made it here. If there is no doubt in your mind that I am the best person for you, go ahead and visit my website. Let's get you scheduled for a consultation today. I look forward to working with you!

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