Greetings, I'm Anita! If this is your first time seeking help, I would like to commend you for your courage. I'm curious to know what bought you here and what you would like to get out of counseling? I specialize in helping individuals cope with the different kinds of losses: 1) Primary losses - death of a love one, friend or pet, break-up, separation, divorce, loss of job, loss of money, victim of a crime and losses due to Covid19 2)Secondary losses - moving, illness, changes and success; 3) Limbo losses - Covid 19, waiting the outcome of a test result, a lawsuit, separation, not knowing the outcome; 4) Complicated losses - primary, secondary and limbo losses going on at the same time. The reactions to loss could be feeling helpless, fearful, empty, despair, pessimistic, irritable, angry, guilty, restless, loss of concentration, hope, motivation, energy, change in appetite, sleep pattern and a tendency to be more fatigued and error-prone. Are you experiencing any of those feelings? I also work with individuals who desire prayer before our sessions. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas for 20+ years, a National Certified Counselor (NCC) for 30+ years, and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) for 7 years. I highly respect and value individuals who come to me from diverse backgrounds, faiths, cultures and those who feel they have "no voice". I welcome communication between us: ask me questions, bring resources that you have found, share with me your view point ,and I will listen, even if it is different than mine. I look forward to you sharing with me your insights along the way. You are the one who has the answers even if you don't know it yet. : )

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