AjenkinsTherapy offers individual and couples counseling with a Christian based perspective. This is a private operated practice that focuses on assisting individuals to explore their current and past experiences. The purpose of doing so is to identify behaviors, habits and tools that are often utilized to cope and confront crisis situations. Together, we will assess whether or not these coping mechanisms are allowing you to be truly happy at home, in your social life or within the workplace.

Based on the study of human behavior, people frequently make decisions based on their emotions. Therefore, it is important to learn how to identify your emotions beforehand so you can have more control over your thinking and your actions. This could require that we explore what it means to be vulnerable and ways to set boundaries in your life without carrying guilt.

In my experience as a Christian, a wife, a mother and a career woman, I have learned that we must better ourselves before we can be better for our families, friends and peers. Therefore, it is my obligation to assist clients grow closer to God in order for them to see His divine purpose for their lives.

AjenkinsTherapy utilizes the Gottman’s method of couples counseling and offers pre-marital classes and group sessions. Log on to www.ajenkinstherapy.com for more details.

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