If you’re here right now, your life is just not giving what it needs to give. Like the people say, “the math ain’t mathin’.” I know it took you a lot to even take this step because you’ve usually got it all handled. You may be dissatisfied with your work environment, disappointed with your relationships, feeling stuck in areas of life, frustrated that this is not how you thought things would turn out and just overall tired. Also, experiencing grief and loss could have completely shifted things for you and you are left wondering, "Who am I?" Feeling this way is common when you’ve been living out others’ dreams for you and playing into roles that you thought would create the best life. I understand how you got here and how to walk a different path. You can put the joy back into your life by re-claiming your narrative, deepening your life-affirming practices and taking action on things you’ve known for a while. I deeply believe that in working together you can experience a life worth living, fully by claiming your authentic self.

You don’t need to ask permission or apologize for showing up and doing what you need to do in our therapy space. There’s no need for the mask that you wear to navigate other spaces, places and people. Together we’ll create meaning of your lived experience by working through emotions, thoughts and body sensations. Week to week, we’ll uproot what’s needed and work towards actualizing your dreams, in the areas of life that matter to you the most.

*I am based in Northern Virginia but also have a credential that allows me to practice telepsychology across state lines.

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