Hi all, I'm Angelia.

Do you sometimes feel unheard, underappreciated, unmotivated and uninspired? Does it seem as if things are stagnant in your life, and that things should be better, but aren't. Do you have dreams and goals, that seem unattainable and you find yourself settling for less than you know you deserve.

If you can relate to any of those feelings, and you desire change, together we can work to achieve a better quality life through therapy. I empower and motivate intentional individuals, family and teams to overcome conflict, anxiety, depression and temporary stagnation. I am passionate about the helping and healing components of therapy and I absolutely love being an agent of effective change. If you are seriously ready to challenge and change what's not working in your life, then I will commit with you on your personal growth process.

I'd like to partner and vibe with you in challenging the narrative that causes you to feel stuck. Together we will explore and examine your needs and figure out the root cause of unbalance and discord that you presently experience in your life. Through use of eclectic, evidence based techniques in addition to mindfulness therapy, we can work towards a more holistic (mind, body and spirit) balance to improve your family, work and life relationship(s). The benefit to you through therapy is a higher level of self awareness and self actualization in living intentionally in your life purpose.

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