Each of us are made up of puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces were formed through our life experiences. It is through life experiences we often time experiences stings. These stings go unnoticed, but it shapes those puzzle pieces that makes up who we are as individuals. There comes a time when one must address their puzzle pieces in order to take control of their true self. Do you like that piece about you? Or do you want to change that part of you? Those puzzle pieces often tell a story of pain and brokenness. It is my passion and mission to come alongside those who are hurting, journeying with them towards healing. I have been in the Mental Health field for over 24 years. It brings me the greatest joy when someone who is struggling with a variety of issues due to the various life’s stings see the light at the end of their tunnel. They began to understand life experiences don’t come to destroy them but make them stronger and better individuals. In my work with clients, I draw from a range of interventions, all the while valuing the collaborative relationship so necessary for healing and growth.

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