Our relationships with ourselves and others heavily influence the quality of our lives. Have you been longing for a greater connection with your spouse? Does communication seem to be a challenge? Do you want to feel closer to your family but you can't seem to get through to them? Would you like to improve your relationship with yourself--be more assertive, find your voice, navigate conflict better, or resolve trauma? You can heal and growth is possible. Relationships can be restored. Life can get better.

I specialize in working with individuals, families, and couples who are going through difficult times in their lives-- trauma, divorce, job loss, depression, grief. Although I see people at a low point in their lives to start, we work hard together to find the bravery, skills, and strength needed to persevere and make life a fulfilling one.

Briargrove Family Counseling Center provides compassionate trauma informed relational clinical therapy to clients throughout the state of Texas.

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