Be heard, helped, and healed. This is where your new journey begins! Unable to trust yourself and your decisions. Talking with family/friends isn’t helping or their judgments get in the way. Feeling like you aren’t good enough. Doubt, fear, and hopelessness are taking you over. The things that used to work aren’t working anymore. You know you need to make changes but you're afraid. You have searched the internet looking for help and still can’t find the answers you need. You need real solutions for real problems. If you are ready to live a life where you experience real joy and satisfaction this is a wonderful opportunity for you.

Get control of our life. Learn to be good to yourself without feeling guilty. Stop doubting yourself. Gain stability. Make clear decisions. Stop worrying and start living. Set clear boundaries. Become confident, and secure. Get restful sleep. Trust yourself. Stop feeling hopeless. Find your voice, and learn to assert yourself. Stop living with regrets. Become fearless. Find your truth. Improve your relationships. Identify and honor your values. Make decisions you are proud of as you grow. Learn to love yourself more deeply. Live a life you are pleased with, instead of just existing.

Counseling and life coaching are beautifully transformative for people. I use a special blend of creative practice activities and strategies to support you. I help people who are ready to make meaningful changes in their life. I'm happy to help. Give yourself a chance to experience life in a whole new way. I turn troubles into triumphs! Let's work together!

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