I began my career working with children as a middle school teacher at a local DeKalb charter school. After a few years of working with the children, I obtained a degree in School Counseling. After graduating with honors I stepped into the role of School Counselor and re-built the program to best serve the children, their families, and the community. Now, in a different part of mental health services, I am continuing my journey to support all members of the community.

I am part of an amazing group of practitioners that encourage and supports one another. I have experience working with children, adults, and families as an individual, family and couples therapist. I utilize multiple theoretical approaches to fit each person's needs and strengths to make meaningful life changes . I have a passion to support clients by advocating for their needs in their homes, relationships, schools and community and takes an active role in the process.

My clients come to see me when they are ready to transition to a healthier, happier life. As your therapist, I’ll guide you along your journey and provide you with the necessary skills to overcome challenges. I offer a soft touch and a supportive nature to each clients and will always be encouraging.

License: Georgia / APC006658

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