At Connected Conversations Counseling, the focus is on Black women who appear to have it all together yet are struggling with people pleasing, care-taking, and being a fixer in their relationships. There is a fear of rejection and judgment and an avoidance of potential conflict that is always lurking in the backdrop, driving the motivation to show up in relationships in these ways.

The thought of saying NO or setting boundaries causes anxiety and there is a mixture of frustrations, anger and resentment that comes along with the anxiety. There is also a lost sense of self that you are experiencing and a readiness to be who you are and to know who you are.

Are you ready to understand why you've made others more important than your own needs?
Gain back your self-worth?
Increase your self confidence?
Stick to your boundaries without the fear of rejection or confrontation?
Trust yourself again, intuition and discernment?

The definition of "people pleasing" is when someone tries to please others without regard for their own needs and feelings.

Rebuilding the relationship you're in with yourself, healing from relational wounds that may have contributed, and becoming confident in your communication around your needs will help you in having a more authentic and fulfilling life and aligned relationships.

If you are ready for some self-reflection and inner work healing, schedule your 45 minute consultation to see if working together is ideal and to begin this journey.

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