Jacksonville, Florida 32211, United States


I work with those who feel misunderstood, struggling with a cycle of issues that won’t seem to go away and continue to cause shame, guilt, and conflict from within. You have an idea of what’s going on, but find it difficult figuring out how to fix it and where to turn for help. Not only are the relationships around you falling apart…so are you. SO much time is spent IN your head; questioning who you are, how did you get to this place, and how do you find yourSelf again. Nothing you’ve been doing to make things better seems to be working anymore. And once again, you’re left trying to figure out if anything you were doing was ever really helping in the first place. Most of the time all you do is wear a mask to hide how hard life has become. Yet you desperately continue trying to hold it together on the outside by staying busy, smiling, and pretending; while on the inside you are stressed, paralyzed, and drowning. A desire to feel whole, emotionally independent, and confident with a better grip on your life, emotions, and decisions is what you’re ready for, yet there’s also a past that holds you hostage to it. I offer a safe place to process issues and learn new skills that help create an authentic life for one’s Self. This journey of healing can be scary and beautiful. And if you’re ready to take one step towards gaining inner harmony and peace and looking for a guide to help you along the way, give me a call or send an email to begin making the changes you desire to become reality. I help women work through past traumas and devaluing experiences through helping you learn how to go back and heal the YOU that is still holding onto burdens and pains that still are controlling how you are living in the present. I am trained in Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator-Candidate. These approaches allow me to see each client I work with you as a whole person versus as a set of symptoms or a “diagnosis.” I work from a mind, brain, and body perspective where you learn to listen to not only what your thoughts are, but to also incorporate what your body has to tell you so that you can become more attuned and connected to what’s true, organic, and authentic versus feeling disconnected from, and unsure of, your Self.

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