New York City, New York 10301, United States of America


I'm a licensed mental health clinician who specializes in trauma and crises. I have worked with individuals dealing with traumas of all kinds, and it’s emotional impact. I utilize CBT tools and techniques to help facilitate change in thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I practice andprovide online therapy services through use of the Telehealth system.

I provide counseling services to the counseling unit of the Fire Department of New York providing to active and retired Firefighter, EMS (uniformed population) personnel and Civilian employees within the department. I also work with WTC- program clients through the department. I provide services for mental health illness, situational problems, emotional and behavioral issues. I focus on developing positive coping skills and strategies that can be applied to daily stressors. I would love to connect with you and provide counseling services that can be beneficial to you over time.

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    150 Victory Blvd

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    New York City, New York 10301, United States of America

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    New York

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    Online and In-Office

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