I offer EMDR therapy as a way helping you deal with traumatic memories while keeping you feeling secure at the same time. Together we’ll make a plan just for you, based on your needs. We'll build skills so you can regulate yourself, we'll increase your awareness of what helpful and unhelpful lessons and skills you’ve picked up over time. Then we'll talk about the moments that taught you that. You’ll start to replace old, unhealthy life lessons with new ones that feel right to you, and that’s where your personal transformation takes off!
Sounds great right? And it doesn't have to take a long time. Visit my website so I can show you how we do this without keeping you in therapy for years on end.

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Group Therapy Details

Triggered is a 4-week, 1-hour, ONLINE workshop to help you handle your triggers without getting overwhelmed.

It's a small group meeting so that everyone who wants to ask a question can.

We'll review strategies for handling big emotions, and I'll guide you through practice exercises to help you feel better. It's great for you if you've never done therapy or if you need a refresher on some coping skills.

This workshop is based on trauma research from experts, and years of experience with clients in my office and online. It is a complement, not a substitute, for therapy.

You can read more about the next workshop and register at ShowUpCounseling.com/Workshops