People who find themselves in unhealthy relationships have been influenced by dysfunctional homes and family systems. Unhealthy relationships are defined as relationships in which psychological, verbal, and emotional abuse has taken place. Persons that come from unhealthy homes, find themselves feeling disconnected, isolated, eager to please others, angry, anxiousness, and co-dependent on others. Which leads to toxic relationships, loss of self-control, poor communication skills, and unable to meet life goals. Seeds of Hope Counseling Firm is the perfect place to start preparing the soil of life to create the garden of peace that you deserve to live the life you always dreamed.

Now that you have found the right place, let’s get started!

Andrea N. Hinds has over 8 years providing mental health services and serving others. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor for the state of Texas, a Licensed LPC Supervisor for the state of Arizona and a National Certified Counselor providing telehealth services.

Andrea is currently offering supervision for LAC's.

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