Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, United States


Licensed Mental Health Therapist & Coach

Do you feel alone, misunderstood, damaged, insecure, or hurt? Do you desire a safe and brave space to be heard and to confront the internal conflict you feel inside? Do you just need someone to listen to you? This is the place for you. You belong here. Take off the mask, and take the first step of your therapeutic journey. Schedule an intake appointment today!

My unique personal and professional experiences have allowed me to see a bit of myself in almost everyone I meet. I enjoy pulling on others' strengths to help them realize the special contributions they add to the world. I offer individual therapy services for those looking for a unique therapeutic experience.

Join me, as we create a safe space for you to "take off the mask" you have been using to survive thus far. Let’s embark on a journey where the goal is to thrive! You may feel alone right now, but trust me: you are not, and you need not struggle alone.

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