When you live in a society that actively oppresses the people that look like you, it is very easy to experience low self-esteem & negative self-talk fueled by anxiety, guilt & shame. You may also feel like you have to work twice as hard to please everyone around you, which leads to constant exhaustion & burnout. There are probably a lack of appropriate boundaries in many of your relationships, which can cause feelings of deep resentment, anger & rage. In short, you get caught up in repeated, unsustainable patterns that take you further away from living a fulfilled life.

If you struggle with any one of these issues, then I am here to help. A big part of the reason why we struggle with these things is because we’ve all been carrying way too much “stuff” that isn’t ours - lies, misconceptions, and negative core beliefs that have been fed to us by the systems we live in, and the emotional injuries & traumas we’ve endured. In my therapeutic practice, the healing of our communities is my main focus. My main goal is to aide Black people in freeing ourselves from the lies, misconceptions & negative core beliefs that do not belong to us, so that we can return to love, joy, and rest.

I lean on various evidence-based & experiential practices in order to help you lean into love, joy & rest. I typically utilize psychodynamic techniques, which can help you understand the unconscious motivations behind your thoughts, feelings & actions. I work from a multicultural lens so that all cultural & systemic factors are always being considered. I am also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), which can help you to address past emotional injuries/traumas & release the hold that these experiences may have on you. No matter what approach or technique I am using with clients, I maintain an anti-racist/oppressive stance throughout the entirety of my sessions. Not only can I help you gain a better understanding of yourself in this multicultural, connection-seeking world, but I also provide you with tools to help make the next step in your healing journey an empowered one.

Ready to connect? Feel free to email me at andrabrownlmhc@gmail.com; I respond to all emails from potential clients within 1-3 business days.

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