Do you find yourself often worried about your future, your career, your love life, or what people think of you? Do you experience the same cycles repeating in your life that you would like to breakthrough and heal from? Is perfectionism, people pleasing or putting your needs and wants to the side getting in the way of living the life you desire? While navigating through our life journey we will all have challenges and lessons along our path. We are all here in this lifetime to reclaim the truest parts of ourselves. As we heal, we will also shed adopted truths that no longer serve us and connect with the most divine parts of us.

I truly believe on the other side of own personal challenges, there will be always be limitless opportunities for growth, and personal insight. Some of my clinical specialties include : working with those who identify as highly sensitive, come from biracial or multicultural backgrounds and healing from intergenerational trauma and/or toxic relationships and attachment struggles.

I offer an inclusive, holistic, and integrative approach to therapy. I hold the belief that every individual has the inner strengths to thrive while living in a space of love and joy. My purpose and passion as a therapist, is to aid my clients in reclaiming hope, owning their strengths, while supporting them along their journey as they reconnect with the powerful, unique and purposeful individuals which they have always been.

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