Alpharetta, Georgia 30009, United States


Let's talk about you. And more importantly, how you are taking care of yourself. How are you coping with life? How are your relationships with those around you?
I firmly believe that a part of what we experience with those closest to us is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. If we treat ourselves harshly or have unrealistic expectations, these often extend to those around us.
In our work, we will dig into the most important relationship you will have or nurture: the one with yourself.

I have been in practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist for over a decade. My experience has included youth crisis, outpatient mental health, and military service members. My specialties are: addressing self-care/self-love, managing anxiety and stress, processing trauma, serving the LGBTQ+ community, and improving communication skills.

I am an integrative therapist and primarily utilize a cognitive-processing approach. Being a yoga and Reiki practitioner, I also incorporate facets of mindfulness and meditation into my sessions. I don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to therapy or that there is only one way to heal, so let's find your path. I look forward to working with you!

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