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I enjoy what I do as a therapist and I have over ten years of experience. I’m originally from Georgia but now reside in the DMV area by way of California and Colorado. My approach is supportive and straightforward. I’ll listen to you vent, but I’ll also help you to process and identify patterns that aren’t serving you. I do my best work with clients who are motivated for change, who may have experienced religious trauma, or just want a different result in their romantic or platonic relationships. Above all, I’m a systems therapist and I love helping my clients draw the connections between childhood relationships and their current relational challenges. I use an individualized approach which means that I don’t believe that one size fits all. Sometimes you just need someone to ask the right questions that help you to think and do differently. There are times when you don’t need a mental health diagnosis, you just need to make different decisions and change your situation.

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