Welcome! My name is Amber and my practice is called Discover You Therapy, PLLC. I provide psychotherapy services to TX residents via virtual sessions.

It's not an easy thing to realize you need help. Oftentimes, as a society, we feel we're "weak" when seeking assistance. We tell ourselves to "be strong" and "figure it out". What happens though when this is no longer effective? Sometimes, we need outside intervention because life gets chaotic, complex and confusing. When this happens, it's not only ok but completely normal as this is a part of the human experience. After all, we aren't robots!

Are you currently experiencing a situation ("big" or "small") that you'd like to process? If so, I'm here help! I have clinical experience helping adults process through common challenges such as: anxiety, work conflict, grief, depression, relationship issues, emotional regulation, family conflict, health issues, existential/identity challenges and interpersonal issues. I'm passionate about my work & consider it an honor to be in a position to walk alongside my clients!

I am a strengths based, trauma informed and culturally competent Psychotherapist. Together we can identify root causes and formulate solutions. My desire is to help you connect the dots so you can live the life you want. In working with clients, I take on a person in environment (PIE) approach. This perspective explains how a person's environment plays a part in how they live and behave. Things like their home life, religion, socioeconomic status and occupation can play a part.

Thank you for checking out my profile! If you're interested in getting things started, please contact me by selecting "book session". I will contact you to schedule a free 15 min consultation. If we're a good fit, then we can get the initial appointment scheduled.

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