You have done what was expected of you and more, but despite all the work that you have done your life still isn’t the way you imagined, and you fear things will never change. You’re fed up with the fact you don’t trust yourself, you can’t be “real” in relationships, and emotions run your life. You know that you want to do differently and be different, but you are unsure of what that even looks like because things have been this way for so long.

I believe therapy should be a space where you can be authentic without fear of judgement- we have too many spaces where we as women can’t let our guard down and be real, but my virtual couch is not one of them. Our sessions will be at a pace that it right for you. I want to give you space to explore the issues keeping you stuck, challenge problem narratives, and consider new possibilities and goals. My experience working with millennial women and Women of Color has shown me that you can live authentically and put the anxiety, perfectionism, or trauma behind you.

My belief is that with understanding the full extent of the problems you are facing; you can work through them and start living your life unapologetically! Online therapy can help you increase your confidence, learn to trust yourself again, and have a better relationship with yourself and others. You can develop the necessary tools to create positive, lasting change and accomplish your goals online at your convenience without sacrificing privacy and I would love to help you get there.

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