Have you struggled to feel like yourself in a world that doesn’t embrace who you are? Maybe you have struggled with being the only black professional in the room, felt the need to code switch to be respected, or gone above and beyond what is expected of your white counterparts because you feel responsible for the future success and/or access of the next Person of Color on your shoulders. It may seem like a stretch, but you can embrace what makes you uniquely you and show up authentically in every area of your life.

Therapy should be a space where you can “put down the cape” and be authentic without fear of judgment. Together we will create a safe space where you can grow, flourish, and heal while building a balanced life. Our sessions will help you learn to see the big picture so you can shift your perspective, get clear about what matters, and create change in your life and relationships. We will focus on the whole of who you are- mind, body, and spirit- so you can truly be whole and step into your power and purpose.

As an experienced women’s therapist, I believe that you can resist shrinking yourself to make others comfortable, have the confidence to manage life’s ups and downs, and no longer feel the need to do and be everything for everyone at your own expense. Together we will help you develop the necessary tools to create positive, lasting change that honors your values, boundaries, and wellbeing.
I’m here to support you as you become the best version of yourself.

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*Virtual sessions available to CA and GA residents.
**EMDR trained and certified.

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